Becoming HIS Tapestry

Prov 31 22Don’t you think that’s a fantastic verse? I love that verse.  Can you see her? She is stately, she walks tall, she is confident. She knows who she is; and although she is not defined by her clothing, her appearance is one of dignity.  Isn’t it amazing how we can tell so much about her?  Isn’t it amazing how much our clothing can tell so much about us? How do we want to be known? I want to emulate her; this woman of strength, dignity and integrity. We can all agree that our choice of styles is different, but as Christians, we do all agree that one thing we should all have in common in modesty.

I love to thrift! Okay, I have admitted it, and now we can move along.  About ninety percent (90%) of my closet is from thrift stores or consignment stores and that includes most my…

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